February 27th, 2005


thur baby surpasses quarter-century mark

thur's 80s-themed birthday bash went swimmingly. he was surprised and everyone seemed to have a pretty good time.

i don't think anyone got a good picture of me in my get up, but i did look totally 80s. it was fun. and i guess i sort of miss having my own stupid style.

it was really neat having a sort of tearoom reunion of sorts. some things never change.

several people asked if jo3 and i were back together and then seemed disappointed to hear that we are not. i'm a little confused. from my understanding, i was the only one upset when jo3 and i broke up. i guess everyone still thinks i'm hung up on him or that i'll never find anyone else. i dunno. frankly, it pisses me off for a myriad of reasons.

saw little miss phoenix this morning. she's grown so much. held her for a while and thought of the last time i saw ayden when she spit up on me. he's not even a baby anymore. it's hard to comprehend.

today, in the shower, i admitted to myself that i still have a lot of unresolved anger in my life. not really a lot. but some sore spots that i wish were gone forever.

and i'm really picky. probably too much so. well, i dunno. things that don't mean anything to others mean something to me. i'm easily offended. i guess it would be nice if people remembered to behave a certain way on my account every now and then. not that they should have to. but if they don't, they should at least understand why i'm upset.

eh. bitch, bitch, bitch.

all in all, i had a pretty good weekend. and it was definitely nice to have the old gang back together again.
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well hell

i was telling thur today about my dad's new job and it occurred to me for the first time that this new job means relocating.

apparently, they put money down on a house just today.

they'll be gone in a month or so.

i'm not going to lie. this news is practically devastating to me.