February 1st, 2005


late night text. read between the lines.

i got a text message from angie g. last night. we generally only speak when we're drunk dialing or on birthdays and holidays.

i've been thinking a lot about her anyway.

and of course i just got her voice mail when i called her this morning.

so, now i'm worried.
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coyote shivers

i start the dialysis job tomorrow. just basic orientation and training junk, but hello, full-time employment.

i got extra credit in geometry for a problem that my "friends" assured me i had done entirely wrong. suckers.

i need a warm place to do my homework.

i played guess who today and i was thinking it would be fun to make an ipwib version. i think i'll call ip who? or guess wib.

i'm doing my taxes this weekend. hello, refund!

the concept of daily quizzes infuriates me. so does penalized absence.

crab rangoon is the bomb. i had appetizers for lunch today, courtesy of kradams. delish!

as much as i hate all things xbox, i almost miss sitting around and listening to the boys play.

i dreamed about ER last night. it was effed the fuck up. (<- did you read that shit? i'm hilarious!) i'm not going to go into the details, but i will mention it was set at the indianapolis zoo.

the price is right, felix da housecat, bad boy bill... oh my!

i wish my place were bigger. i want to have a house party. maybe this summer. well commandeer the courtyard.

why can't i remember to bring my wallet with me anywhere anymore?

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