January 18th, 2005


work-study == get paid to LJ OR what i did on my weekend vacation

so, friday, out of the blue, xtylerx, san_yo and jesse showed up at my front door. they wanted to drink brews and get some grub someplace that (underage) jesse could get into. we rounded up jo3, kradams, andy and hypnotique and headed to my all-time favorite indy bar, the 86th street pub.

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this was by far one of the best weekends i've had in a very long time. it was so good to see everyone together again. i definitely miss the glory days of ipwib. of course, at the same time, i got fairly annoyed with people's bad habits, catch phrases and relationship drama. but what are you going to do, eh?

thanks to everyone who came out and partied. much love.
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they're painting the walls in the hallway right now. heh. suckers.

my bed reeks of patchouli.

i got that dialysis job after all. bank.