January 11th, 2005


TL for coherent paragraphs

are mods coming back in style, because they sure look good to me. sometimes i like to sit and watch the business majors because they're all spiffed up. they look good and they know it. it's almost like they don't even care anymore. and that's hot.

dropped piano. picked up art appreciation. i know i'm going to hate this class, but probably not as much as i was going to be frustrated by beginning piano.

my discrete prof is vlad, of aforementioned calc 163 terror. he still sounds pretty russian, but he got braces and, boy! are they cute! while i'm pretending i understand russian and mathematics, i like to watch his teeth sparkle in that glorious white light.

walked into the wrong room for my geometry class. i was nervous about taking a 400-level class anyway. walked in and see 4 grad student-looking indians. walked right back out. then realized i was in the wrong building and found the right room. it was full of idiots from my previous math classes. i have no worries now. my teacher looks more like an environmental activist (ponytail, hiking boots) than a geometer. no tests in there. just big, big proofs. hmm...

i'm not excited about art appreciation. i mean, it's cool to think i might be able to appreciate the paintings i like on a more sophisticated level. or that i might be able to discuss art i don't like with people who do with a new found vocabulary. but, man... art is so subjective. i just want to like what's interesting. i don't find it especially important to be able to talk about why i like it. meh.

i'm going house [window] shopping on friday with hypnotique and hopefully menlie too. hehe.

beer chinese food = not the best combination ever created.

yesterday was like UPS central on campus. ran into my old boss, jodi, who now lives just down the street from me. then i ran into one of my old underlings. and another sorter is in my geometry class. and i also saw some other random manager too.

remember the other day when i was bitching about diet soda? turns out i was drinking diet barq's at the time and i didn't even know it.

bad boy bill is looming. i'm getting excited!

i started running. as soon as i get a work schedule, i'm going to start lifting weights and swimming too.

"i think i just got drunk dialed by my parents."

easy it does it

so, i walk pretty fast on campus. i hate being late. i hate having to listen to the inane conversations of strangers on their cell phones. i hate smelling people (who aren't wearing sexy boy cologne). so i motor. [motor! i'm totally bringing that back, baby!]

anyway, about this time every semester, i sort of pull something in my right leg. [you all know i walk crooked because i take bigger steps with my right foot then my left, yeah?] well, today i was noticing that funny feeling again just before i fell down a flight of stairs. oops. i guess i probably put the motor on cruise control after that, because i was pretty pain-free the rest of the evening.

well, like the overzealous fool i am, i went for a run after class today. on the hunt for scenery, i decided to take indiana up to 10th. followed that all the way over to the white river. then down around to the canal and back up indiana. (see the map!) it was indeed nice too look at the fog on the river. i thought i could even smell the elephant shit wafting over from the zoo, but i think it was probably the river.

anyway, it turns out my leg was still fucked up. and, to compensate, my left hip flexor worked double time. (i've had this injury before.) i kept running, because that's what i do. i am such an idiot. then, to top it all off, it started pouring down rain.

there is no doubt in my mind that i will get sick from this one stupid hour run.

FYI: jogging in thongs is surprisingly comfortable. i guess rachel deboard had it right all those years ago.

so, what else is new, dear reader? well, i went to japanese today. my new instructor is nice and funny enough, but he's no matsuokasensei. my classmates are total fools. the don't listen. they can't read. they fall asleep in class! ugh. i hate them already. this class is emphasizing speaking and listening though, and i like that a lot. well, i like that i'll be able to speak and listen better. i don't like that i'll have to listen to those twits try to speak.

well, i gotta motor, kids. i'm off to work some proofs. huzzah!
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