January 10th, 2005


geological survey of damage

first of all, who the fuck knew geology was so popular at IUPUI? here i thought i'd easily find an open class in a terminally boring subject but, NO, there's a waitlist. and ALL the distance learning courses are closed too. WEAK!

last night, i dreamed that candace cameron (is this dj tanner from full house?), jude law and that hypochondriac from scrubs were having a kegger. jude was using a handgun to shoot his plastic army toys for candace and he accidentally shot the hypochondriac through the wall.


"I can't do two things at once, every time I masturbate I stop breathing."

i'm not sure it's ok to say who said this, so i'll just leave it anonymous for the time being.
point & click interface

good lord!

well, after much hassle, i finally got myself a full-time schedule worked out for this semester. so, here it is:

math 463 -- intermediate euclidean geometry for secondary teachers
math 276 -- discrete math
eacl j132 - beginning japanese 2
mus p110 - beginning piano (non-music majors)

also, i definitely got the work-study job in the psych testing lab and they're willing to give me about 18 hours a week.

now i'm just waiting to here more info about the dialysis tech position.

you know, except for the geometry, this looks like it could be my best semester ever at IUPUI. crazy. only problem i see, aside from geometry, is that i have to go from my piano lesson in the IT building (NY & MI) to my japanese class in the NU building (west side of Riley) in five minutes. guess i'll have to fix that bike up afterall.