December 20th, 2004


geometric origami is love

i spent my afternoon watching movies and making these. i guess i must like math more than i'll admit to myself, because these dodecahedrons and icosahedrons and tetrahedrons sure seem beautiful to me. there are other structures i wanted to make, but the assembly instructions are beyond me. i will have to consult my dad and brother for assistance over break.

speaking of break, i remembered yesterday that i actually hate breaks from school. now, i'm sure you all recall how i couldn't wait to be done with the semester and i won't deny that was the case, but these empty weeks of nothingness have absolutely no appeal to me. i'd much prefer to have 8-week semesters all year round with a week off here and there.

i can't believe i still have to wait another week before i'll have my grades. gra!

someone came by selling magazine subscriptions while i was in the mix yesterday. they just kept knocking, so i eventually answered. i still had my jams bumping and i didn't really want to be talking to this person, so i just kept nodding and agreeing with everything he said without listening to much of the spiel.

i'm with X from X
right... right...
we're selling X
oh sure. great
oh so you read X
{about now i realize i've agreed myself into a sales confirmation}
oh. god, no.
so none of you read X
absolutely not. i hate reading.
you don't read

he looked at me confused for a moment, but i kept up my serious face and he walked away.

i hope no one is expecting any gifts from me this year. even the collages are out. inspiration has gone. i think i'll give my dad this dodecahedron. that's really all i've got.

you know, i was going to retire this journal and hide out somewhere else. but i don't see the point. i've got absolutely nothing to say anymore.
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