December 17th, 2004

integral music

axioms, properties and corrallaries [miraasan]

sat down for one last logic cram session. re-read all the handouts. discovered some important things i missed yesterday. decided not to fret over any more problems, but i feel confident that i could definitely work a couple more out. i've realized that, at this point, even successfully working through problems is going to be more stressful than beneficial because i certainly won't be able to memorize the answer. so, my mind is relaxed and open now and the solutions will still be there when i get to class. i think i understand now what my professor was describing in her first lecture. understanding is something gained over time. it sinks in and spreads out.

i feel surprisingly good about this semester. definitely could have worked a lot harder, but i learned a lot, accomplished a great deal and, most importantly, survived intact.

damn it damn it damn it damn it

that's all i'm going to say about my logic final. gra.

lot's of adventures in the works for this weekend. when did i get so popular?

just waitng to hear from ashley and bart for clue.

i'm outta here.
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