December 8th, 2004

point & click interface

sink this heat!

apparently, your CPU should hang around a temperature between 60 and 90 degrees celsius.

mine is maintaing a steady 263 degrees celsius.

that's just fucking awesome.

i'm not even sure if it's possible for that to be accurate, but surely the damn thing is too hot (even if that reading is off).

at least now i know why my computer reboots at seemingly random occassions.

you'd think it would help having a house so fucking cold. i wonder if my fan is working. it was making some terrible noises the other night (when the reboot was unsuccessful).

anyway, if i just randomly fall of the face of the internet someday, now you'll all know why.
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giftmas goodies

i guess maybe instead of making cookies for people this year (my original cheap plan) i'm going to make collages. or some sort of found art project type stuff. i saw some really great magazines that would be perfect for collages, but of course i cannot afford them. at least i got some ideas, though.

i hope i can find the time to make something for everyone. actually, i hope i can find enough stuff to use. my magazine collection is getting pretty hagard. also, i hope i can think of plenty unique ideas as well.


i can feel the distance.
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point & click interface

well fuck

i sat down to start my first christmas collage and realized that i don't have any blank white paper. awesome. hmmm... i can't very well use the back of my lecture slide handouts like i have been using for all of my other paper needs. index cards? maybe. i guess that small size will help me keep my supplies in line. damn it, though.

[things to remember when i do get paper: juxtapose, this heart b.n.m.]

also, i've been taunted with sleep all fucking day and if i don't get some shut-eye soon i'm going to go nuts. all that reading, driving and not sleeping yesterday gave me a serious case of the bleary eyes. today it has only gotten worse.

people at work kept asking me if i was high last night because my eyes were so red. i fucking wish. i'd give anything to get stoned and pass out right now. not that that ever works for me.

CLUE / TP: (still just)
anne, tracy, jeff, me, emily, polina
(freshmen, you will be destroyed!)
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nothing in here but a bunch of crumpled up porno mags and ayn rand

i had considered re-reading the fountainhead the other night in the bookstore, but knew i wouldn't be able to finish there in one evening. however, after reading san_yo's post about working construction, my lust for howard roark is rekindled

she asks him what it is like to work in the quarry, and he responds with what she wants to hear - he is always tired at the end of the day.

who is john galt?

so, i'm going to read it again. i'll try not to write about on here, since no one cared last time around. but i will say that i do think everyone should read it sometime.


i made a test collage on a note card. it blows. i'm disillusioned with the whole project at the moment.


i'm going a little bit crazy from this lack of sleep. i don't understand what the problem is.

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silly girl

you know it's something
when you don't think twice
about doing things you usually loathe to do

i laugh at girls who act this way
but i guess it's good
every now and then

it's probably good all the time

i just know it feels really good
to smile again

and laugh
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