November 29th, 2004

ice princess

worthy of notes but not much more

>>>the facebook has me feeling like i'm a complete anti-socialite. i need to make more friends at school. immediately. but, god! they're all such dorks.

>>>i think my dad's going to move my piano down to my apartment soon. i'm so excited. i know that i won't play all that often, but it will still be nice to have to opportunity available.

>>>my hands, feet and nose are so cold.

>>>today i have to figure out my financial situation for the next semester. the next few years really. i'm done asking my parents for money. i will do this on my own or i won't do it at all.

>>>i finally started slacking in japanese. luckily, the semester is nearly over so i can't harm my performance in there too awful much.

>>>i've realized that i've lost the passion for everything in my life. of course, people were the only thing i ever had passion for. i hope that it comes back again someday, but the pessimist in me doubts that it will. it makes me angry that i let people change me in such a fundamental way.

>>>the opportunity exists to reconcile, but what is there to salvage? more lies? more hate? i can see why he cares for me, but i've forgotten why i should care for him.

>>>i think i'm taking the easy way out.

i wonder what life is like in the center of a universe that doesn't exist.

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