November 26th, 2004


rot in pieces

"I knew it was just a matter of time.
I guess everyone just over looked it after the first few times.
<3 Matt Hale.
I'll miss you.

That boy knew I would do anything for him.....
I guess just after so many attempts, my friends and I just started to overlook his suicide talk."

you people don't have the faintest fucking idea what love is if you can say those things consecutively about a person.

do you think it makes you cool to say you loved him and will miss him now when obviously you knew he was in trouble but couldn't be bothered to help him?

you're not a friend. you're a fucking fake. through and through.

and this is why i've lost faith in people. you act like there's no harm in saying you love someone just so you can take it back and pretend it never happened when they find out what you really are. but that's bullshit. because you string people along with this promise of something you're not really offering. then you disappoint them in the end. and it's shit like that that destroys people.

what's really sad is that it's never assholes like you that kill themselves, because you greedy fucks take everything you want/need from anywhere you can. it's always the good people who gave you everything while you never even bothered to say thanks.

you can fucking rot.


i feel so bad that the good people seem to be cursed to waste all their love on people like you when it's the other good people that need it the most.

you think i should be sorry that pointing this out makes you feel bad? i'm not. you said you're feeling a slap in the face, it ought to be a fucking knife in the gut. you don't even know what the words mean.
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