November 19th, 2004


talbott street

ah, jeez, i had such a blast last night (but i sure am paying for it now). special thanks to kradams for making an appearance and jo3 for dd-ing.

as soon as we arrived, lady d (a boy) and lady t (a girl) came over to tell kradams and i that we were "just so cute." i don't know if they meant that in cute like straight girls in a gay bar way or the cute like a lesbian couple kind of way. but, either way, compliments are always nice.

donald glaude was awesome. he spun several good tracks that actually made me say "you can't not dance to this!" and so i danced my little booty off. i even danced with lindy (who is an acquaintance of jo3's through menlie) on top of some little platform jobber.

i also danced with some random dude for quite a while. but this tops my random dude encounter at the vogue where i told the guy my name was none of my business and to shut up and keep dancing. last night i didn't even look at this guy's face, not even when the lights came on at the end of the night. i find it both amusing and disturbing how impersonal my life has become. but i'm really glad the guy didn't ask for my number or anything. that would have ruined the experience completely.

to the people i drunk dialed, i hope you enjoyed your sound bites. i wish you all could have been there.

oh yeah, so i stopped drinking around 3ish. went to work at 3:30. oh boy! sobered up around 7 i think. though, not completely. when i got home this morning around 9 i was still so out of it that i got in the shower with my socks on. i'll chalk most of that up to sleep deprivation, though. silly me.

now i'm really tired and pretty hungover. plus my throat hurts from all the yelling i did last night. god, i got loud. but, yeah, i should totally be writing my c programs right now. there's no way that's happening today at all, though. un-uh. no sir.

only three and a half more hours before i can sack out for some much needed r&r. i really need to stop staying up for more than a day. of course, i really need to do my homework too. and go to work. blah blah blah.

ha! i just remembered this great quote: "i'm not drunk, i'm sober plus!"

ok well i'm going to see if i can't fall asleep here at this desk study hall style before another jerkwad comes in here for a test. i'm sure you'll be hearing a lot from me today, because this is as close to productive as i'm going to get.

and PS: if any wants to have a tasty and nutritious lunch ready for me at 2:30 i will gladly eat it and be forever in your debt.
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point & click interface

do me a favor?

someone please talk to me on aim (shak3well) or icq (120809196). i am in desperate need of a distraction from this horrible, horrible pain in my gut.

oh yeah, they're busted.
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list any 20 facts about yourself.

20. i love unconditionally.
19. i prefer spaghetti-o's cold.
18. i was committed to a mental hospital.
17. i only wear bras about 10% of the time. no one notices.
16. i created an underground newspaper at my high school.
15. i taught myself to play six different musical instruments.
14. i cheat on tests even when i don't need to.
13. i spent two grand on my bed. (twice what i spent on my car)
12. i listen to one song on repeat for days at a time.
11. i have fibro cystic breast disease.
10. i play dumb becuase my mom resented my intelligence for a long time.
09. i don't even like math.
08. i never follow instructions. (i rarely even read them.)
07. i have never been dumped.
06. i hold back because i don't think i can live up to my dad and brother.
05. i can't eat meat that is still on the bone.
04. i cannot stand knowing that there is a surprise in store for me.
03. i speak to myself in foriegn languages to stay awake while driving.
02. i know that to have an honest opinion, you have to first make a judgement.
01. i have lost faith in the basic goodness of mankind.
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