November 16th, 2004


listen, ladies.

regarding my girls night out proposition:

2004-11-15 19:40

if i were in indiana i would SO go with you girls
i love talbot steet! its the perfect place for a girls night out
i hope you have a great time!"

see! so come on already!
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    damn that dj made my day

statistically stupid

my stats prof told me he was almost certain i could pass his class and somehow that seems like ample reason not to go to class today.

i'm really not the sharpest crayon in the box.

my programming prof has once again extended the due date on the prog i didn't write. so i guess i really should write the damn thing now. what a terrible waste of a weekend though.

my japanese oral exam is tomorrow. i still haven't even tried to memorize my lines yet. i'm sure i'll be fine though.

i think it goes with out saying that i'm not going to logic today. A+, what?
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system error


that's all i have to say about that test.

ok, wait. i will say that trying to learn four chapters in one day four hours is probably the stupidest task i've ever undertaken.

that said, i think i did surprisingly well.

my lab instructor knows me by name/sight. i suppose this is because he lives in my buliding (as he certain doesn't know me from my lab attendance). he made a point to tell me that he reopened the drop boxes for my missing assignments.

he creeps me out.

well, i'm going to go speak some japanese and cook some chicken (two completely foreign topics, heh.).

oh! and not that she reads this. but happy birthday, banjo! i hope you're still alive because, honestly, i wouldn't know.
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