November 12th, 2004



so, the no's have it. black is out. but what am i to do with two bottles of feria black dye now?

and, yes, i realize something more subtle, like red/brown, would be more appropriate, but, as i said, i am not in the market for purchasing any new products.

anyway, thanks for voting. you win. i lose. *sob*

ah, shit, i'm in a goofy mood. i just finished listening to a japanese reading comprehension lesson where some girl rejects some boy like five times. at the end, she says good night and he cries "mary..." as she walks away. poor sap.

the stalker was at work today as i left. i felt liberated (even though he was still there). i think he was trying to avoid eye contact with me, but i had to turn around and face him as i got patted down in the guard shack. so i smiled and said, "hi, tre." he responded in kind. i smiled again, tilted my head and said, "bye, tre." and i walked away with the biggest smile on my face.

so, it's official. i am one cold-hearted bitch.

also, i much prefer to have men not interested in me than interested in me. however, as i watch my exes couple off into oblivion i see that i don't deal well with the idea of them never being interested in me again.

chalk one (or a few) up to that lovely "lady logic", more commonly known as insanity.

speaking of insanity, i've been skipping class way too fucking much lately. i claim to do it in the name of sleep, but really i just don't see the point in going. even statistics.

and speaking of statistics, i realized my fundamental problem with that class as i was frantically scribbling away on my last exam--i have no fucking idea what standard deviations really are or how to calculate them.

my dad was telling me that stats was developed before formal rules of logic were developed and that's why concepts seem so foreign. really though, i've got to figure this shit out. and fast.

i can't believe how close i am to the end of the semester. barring some japanese daily work, i'm down to less than 15 total projects, assignments and exams. score!

i'm looking forward to this much-deserved vacation time coming up. although i'm thinking about doing some seasonal retail work to foot the giftmastm bill this year, so it won't really be all that relaxing.

fedex is going to be a nightmare. ugh.

ha. remember when spooge used to say "shrug" instead of "i don't know"? what a goof!

i'm hungry. and tired. and rambling.


oh! did you know LJ lists predatory as a mood? grrr! i'm going to have to remember to use that one.
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oh, waiter!

why couldn't i just ask for his number?

i don't think i've ever done that.

chicken shit.
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