November 11th, 2004


dye my hair y / n ?

i just got the urge to dye my hair black again.

i think it's the emo / art school girl sweater i'm wearing and my desire to break out the spectacles for crunch time at school so i can be a complete nerd.

or maybe it's these two-inch roots and the leopard spots?

who knows?!

anyway, i'm going with the majority here. so, yes or no on the black?

oh, and there are no other options, because i can't afford to actually buy hair dye but i just so happen to have black dye left over from wichita.
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    frou frou - let go
ice princess


fuck tonight's 'very special' episode of ER. i'm so angry i'm not even going to download it!

also, fuck this deceptively cold weather and it's effects on my brakes.

on the other hand, thank god, allah, buddah, whoever for my incredible steering and maneuvering skills.

i really don't need to be driving at night.
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    full force - unfaithful (remix)