November 9th, 2004


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if i bombed my first stats exam (73) then i think it's safe to say i atomic bombed exam number 2. eek. eek.

it turns out i got an extension on my last C program (due thursday). but it also turns out i still don't know how to write it.

i got 98% on my logic exam. yep. reward: skipping class... again.

i can't believe how un-freaked out i am about my grades right now. i mean, yeah, i'd really like to pass stats this semester, but it's not driving me nuts like calculus used to do. hopefully, it will all work out. or, hopefully, it will all makes sense the second time around.


i told my stalker to stop calling me and stop showing up at work to see me. he left a note in my car saying he doesn't come to work to see me, he comes to see "all [his] peoples." i'll be having a talk with my managers about that tonight.

i can still remember the night i thought the creep was following me from UPS. i had 911 dialed and ready to call as i drove to my parents' place instead of my aptartment. scary stuff.


i've been practicing the fine art of wiferytm (i made that up. you like it?) lately. i'm trying to find recipes that are yummy and fairly easy to add to the cookbook angie made me for giftmastm. it turns out i'm still pretty bad at following directions though. oh well.


i could really go for eating some drugs sometime soon. as much as i hate tripping, it's a nice reminder that my life isn't nearly as bad as it could be. and, well, rolls... i don't need to say much about that.

but, since i don't have any money. i guess i'll just have to continue boozing up and rioting. xtylerx you need to get you ass up here soon!
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she makes me miss my piano

and kerri kohane
bridgette kelly
mirana jack
amanda strickland
lucas mecham
ben rogers
micah hofferth
michael sparks
sean lory
amber adams
lime popsicle

i wish i appreciated people and things before they were gone.
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