November 5th, 2004

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i just overslept [six hours] for work
i vaguely remember trying to call my boss after he called and woke me up
but he didn't answer
and i didn't even have the energy to look up the number for his boss

i hope i don't have to find a new job


if you're a sucker for stupid pop music [like me]
i suggest you give this song a listen
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    gwen stefani - what are you waiting for?

you wanted the best, you got the best. the hottest date in the world...

oh. your. god. i just got invited to the weirdest/funniest/hottest date ever--a strip club. i actually just can't get over how funny this is. i wish i had the cash to buy this boy some lap dances. that would be even better.

maybe i can pick up some pointers, though, and finally begin my lucrative career as a stripper. i'm over the x. there's just no way i can keep working five nights a week and not get burned out with everything else going on in my life. school is really suffering at this point. i'm pretty disappointed too, since i started this semester off so well. besides, the money isn't even all that great.

i'm just really tired. of everything. i want to lie in bed and do nothing at all. i'm not depressed, just exhausted. but the more nothing i do the more work i have to do later. more than i would have had to do in the first place. it's frustrating.

i really must go grocery shopping today. if it weren't for kradams making me dinner last night, i would have just eaten god damned rice krispie treats all night. man, i really miss family dinner nights with my friends. there's just something nice about sitting down to share a meal with people you love.

i was always upset that my family never shared meals. i'm going to have to remember how good it feels when i finally get around to starting my own family.

so i got to watch ER at is regularly scheduled time last night. again, thanks to kradams. i was just telling her how this season hadn't been all that exciting so far when a preview for next week's episode came on. the voice over went something like "every season there is an episode that truly stirs your emotions; this is that episode." so, if you haven't watched yet this season, next week would be a stellar time to start.

apparently, julianna marguiles (nurse hathaway from ER) is going to be on scrubs tuesday night. i've never really watched that show, but if my girl hathaway is going to be on it, i'll check it out. i might add, she was wearing a top hat and dancing and looking damn sexy too.

that reminds me of the time ER had a crossover episode on third watch. boy did i get suckered into that show for a while. that's some good marketing!

i can't believe i'm rambling on like this about teevee of all things. i guess, sometimes, it's just nice to escape from the drudgery of real life.

ahh, me.
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