November 2nd, 2004



well, i exercised my rights today. did you?

it was less exciting that my first presidential election. i think i'd like to live in a swing state when i get older. also, i think i'd like to get more educated about more of the local offices in the future.

i took some poll yesterday to find out how i line up with in the parties. turns out i'm a social liberal, which seems appropriate. my dad's big into the libertarians this year, so i thought i might fall in with them. but, i've always been a sucker for true communism, and i guess socialism too, though i don't know much about the difference. that probably didn't make much sense. guess i should have linked the results.

ta da!


i had another dream about ben, pixylayne, ayden and payton last night. this one was less scary than the first, but i still don't know where they're coming from. probably from getting the old tearoom gang back together this weekend.


i've decided i need a personal grocery shopper. i just don't have the time to go out to the store. any takers?


next time i go to a wedding and we write "just married" on the couple's car, i'm going to write "just fucking" on mine.

time for bed.
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