October 30th, 2004

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just weavin' up words weeded up on my work shift

in a job like mine, where the workload varies greatly from day to day and week to week and where my hours suit my manager's whims, you wouldn't think it would be very likely to get exactly the same amount of hours in any two given weeks.

so what are the odds that i'd do it two weeks in a row?


i'd like to say today was the shittiest day i ever had at the X, but i won't even bother because i know that tuesday will be exponentially worse (as that is when i will hear about everything i did wrong from my driver).

i spent a lot of time thinking about telling off my boss. and about quitting. but i guess that gave me the bubble guts. so, instead of walking out, i spent 45 minutes in the bathroom. awesome. awesome to the max.


i gave myself a black eye at work earlier this week. it's not that bad really, it's just a bruise on the cheek bone. but you can't even tell anymore because my meager diet of ramen and soup at hand has sucked the life right out of the fat pads under my eyes. so, it actually looks like i have two black eyes.

and people still hit on me. wtf?

i had to shimmy past a boy at work yesterday. "that made me want to have sex with you," he said to me. "i know i shouldn't say so at work, but i do wonder what that'd be like."

"oh, it's a trip," i divulged.

(and i wonder why they stalk me.)
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phone phone doesn't do it justice

i drove past this half-collapsed abandoned school on my way home from work today. i really wish i could have taken some pictures.

i wonder which i want more, turntables or a camera.

if i could stop buying records for a hot minute, i could just charge me some dj gear on that damn mastercard. i think i need to set on my no-decks-wax collection. like, i cannot allow myself to have more than 30 records if i still don't have anything to play them on.

i think i'm going to cry when that first batch gets to the apartment and all i can do is look at them. lol.

maybe i'll just buy one turntable to start. hahaha. shit.

i need a CC sponsor like an AA sponsor. i should call them every time i want to charge something i don't have the cash for. it would have to be a boy. my dad would be good. but i just wouldn't call him. i'm so bad.
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