October 29th, 2004

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bye, bye bicycle

i was riding my bike on the way home from the testing center today when, all of a sudden, my back wheel locked up as i accelerated to cross the street. of course, i went right over the handle bars and ate shit right there in the middle west drive.

and, as if i wasn't embarrassed enough from that, i couldn't fix my back wheel without a wrench, so i had to carry my bike home. (how those stupid nuts got loose and then tightened again is beyond me...) i ran into a maintenance man about halfway home, but he'd put all his tools away already. then, just as i was leaving campus, a group of maintenance men we're very obviously watching me and talking about me. all i really overheard was, "i'm going to help her carry her bike." i'm sure he was only kidding, but if i'd been more than a hundred yards from home i would have stopped right there and handed that piece of shit over to him. i had no idea bikes were so heavy. my arm is so tired that it actually hurts to type.

i think i fixed my wheel, but i wouldn't be surprised if it just falls off next time i'm out riding. i think that bike resents me for not locking it up anymore. it's not that i hope someone will steal it. i just wouldn't mind at all if they did.


i was having some deep, deep sleep dreams this morning. i only slept for an hour and then the nine minutes between the alarm and the snooze, during which i did actually dream. my snooze dream was all about the testing center, as i was debating whether or not to call in. a bunch of my classmates were in there and they just kept talking and talking. so i came in and went off on them. i said that the signs made it "abundantly clear" that there was to be no talking in the lab and told them to shut the fuck up already (something i say a lot at the X). so, then this girl turns up her music really loud. i glare at her and she says, "i guess you should have made that abundantly clear too."


i thought the mess with love-letter-boy would fade away since he quit last week, but i was wrong. he was there waiting for me this morning at the the X. no seriously, i asked him what he was doing there and he said "lookin' for you."

i am so fucking sick of this shit. i think i'll set my face on fire, so i never have deal with getting hit on or stalked again.

better wait 'til i get that health insurance though.


i can't believe there are no takers for those king's island tickets! this weekend would be perfect for it! all you have to do is come up here and get them, guys. come on!
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ER (err as it were)

>>i hate when ER episodes are sad. it makes me miss the nights when i would watch the new episodes at jo3's old apartment. it just sucks being sad when you're alone.

>>i wish i were an actress so i could play noah wyle's love interest.

>>my hair is long enough for a crown braid now, but my arms are tired and weak so i can't actually braid it myself anymore. but, even if i do it up ghetto-style, it still looks pretty neat.

>>subway was out of meatballs today. wtf?

>>i wish it were christmas already so i could get the second season of ER. sure, i could buy it myself, but that's like such a perfect gift for me. i would hate to deprive someone of giving me something i would enjoy so much.

>>i'm overwhelmingly sad, but i'm not depressed. this has to be a first for me. it's quite a strange feeling. i guess i had the power to overcome afterall. who knew?

>>still, i don't want to sleep alone tonight.
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