October 26th, 2004


positively pointless

oh, thank god. my CS lecture is canceled today. maybe, just maybe, i'll write my damn program. i kind of fucking doubt it though.

i'm finding it more and more difficult to get motivated about anything related to a math major these days. it's not that it's hard (well, statistics is...). but, jeez! it's just not nearly as easy as japanese.

i sent out some emails to see what kind of jobs i could get with a japanese minor or major. so we'll see what that turns up. and i'm also looking into the tochigi exchange program this summer. i doubt i'd be able to find the money or funds that soon, though. so, maybe next year.

[this song samples tron. i'm such a geek for a) knowing that and b) enjoying that.]

i should go to sleep, now, but i made the mistake of listening to house music when i got home. god that stuff get's me pumped up. it kept me up like three extra hours last night too. i guess i could find something more chill to listen to, but i don't so much like that stuff. and even if i did, i don't think it ever makes me sleepy.


maybe i'll clean house and get stupid to my hot new jams...
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