October 25th, 2004


notes to self

it's only ok to own more records than turntables when you own at least one (and more like two) turntable(s).

you are not a dj (yet).

stop buying records.


my swell hoodie disappeared off the face of the earth a month ago.

i never even got to hold it. not once.


fedex robbed me of my beautiful fall fashion. but they say maybe in five weeks i'll get my money back. and maybe they'll wave the shipping on the new one i ordered.

fuckin' jerks.


she said fix my sink
funk my funk
walk my walk
talk my talk
do what you gotta do
and fix that sink
i fixed that sink on the left
and i fixed that sink on the right
and i fixed that sink on the floor
and i fixed that sink all night
  • Current Music
    dj sneak feat. bear who? - fix my sink (vocal skip mix)