October 22nd, 2004


scrobble scrobble

do you kids use audioscrobbler? if not, i think you should. i'd liked to see what everyone is listening to these days. i'm sick of relying on pop radio and sparse raves to introduce me to the hot new tracks.

[oh, damn. i just noticed that i came into work with my fly down. ops.]

anyway, you can find my profile under swell.

see, i've been thinking of compiling a list of songs i want everyone i to know to hear at least once. but, as it turns out, audioscrobbler is a pretty good indication of my personal favorites and their ranking amongst what i listen too. i still think i'll make the list someday when i have some spare time (or when i can't stand to do another goddamn statistcs prooblem).

it'll probably be a big list. i don't think i could just choose ten. that would be uber-tough.

think you could? i dare you!

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