October 5th, 2004


statistically speaking

ok, i'm not actually writing about anything's statistics. i've just got statistics on the brain. it's been a long fucking morning. i feel like these last few days of studying have been an almost complete waste. at best, i've really just committed to memory the locations of key formulas in my notes and book. aside from the recent revelation about z-scores, i don't think i've comprehended anything i didn't already get from lecture.

so, this exam can just go right ahead and blow me.

i'm skipping my math class again so i can cram for my programming exam. i got so caught up in writing my program (due thursday) that i kind of forgot there was more to that class. i'm not actually very worried about the exam being difficult, i just really don't want to sit through the annoyance of that math class when i need to keep calm before my exam.

kat-thur brought me bbq chicken pizza yesterday. YUM! phoenix was a perfect angel the whole time she was here. i love her!

i've got a couple of neat things going on after class today. i'm fucking pumped. patience is a virtue.

well, i sure hope it's warmer outside than it was this morning. goddamn! i'm off to take some tests.

"come over and we'll go do something.
or just come over and we'll do something."
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domestic test conspiracy

there seems to be a conspiracy to undermine my confidence by shifting exam start times to before the actual class start times. it's pretty fucking unnerving to walk into an exam 10 minutes early and see the seats full of students already past the first page.

it's that fucking jewsus, i tell you.
(dj god hates me)

in other news, i put of my programming homework until today (it's due at midnight). as it turns out, i need to write about five programs, each with at least one function call. word to the wise: at least look at your assignments before you decide it's ok to put them off.

i would do them. in fact, i tried. but i seem to be making some stupid syntax error that i just can't see. i've got a line with just a { on it and i've got a motherfucking parse error. i know i need the bracket there...

so, fuck it!


i have a hot date with the altima friday morning. she'll be fresh from an oil change and a tire rotation. mmmmmmm! i love that car. i meant to make some hot mixes for philly, but, well... i was too busy not studying. hrmph!

i can't wait for this weekend.


fuck everyone that isn't going.

for fuck's sake, i said fuck a lot today. FUCK!

i also threw up on a pile of mulch on the way to class. man i hate that shit.

well, i have a play date, so i'm gonna flash!

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