October 4th, 2004


all you've got is ths moment

there's some interesting things going on
in the land of exes
i'm slightly curious
but mostly annoyed
i guess i'm not allowed to enjoy life
it's punishment for giving my heart away

you know what?

fuck you.


so i'm listening to music for the first time
since i sent the altima home
which almost doesn't count
since i listened to 'wet from birth'
for the entire three weeks

but, i'll tell ya
there's something invigorating
about waking up to inxs
dancing in your panties
while you wait for breakfast to cook

i think it helps that i slept so well again last night
it doesn't take much to put me at peace these days
just a few words, a laugh, a smile
and a little hope for things to come


everything is finally falling into place
i wouldn't say things have balanced out yet
but i'm beginning to think
i'm glad i stuck around


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    inxs - need you tonight

something has changed.

i'd like to make up for all the laying out i didn't do this summer by wallowing out in this amazing weather. i tried to do my homework outside, but i was much too distracted. i just wanted to sit there and soak it all in. i felt so calm, at peace. it seemed like a sin to do statistics.

but, i must. and i will because there's a beauty in that as well. in learning and growing. in facing the challenge. in keeping promises.

i don't know what happened to me. this isn't like anything i've ever known before. even when i try to calm myself by thinking about the "what ifs" of the future, i can't be pessimistic. no wait. i can be pessimistic, but it doesn't overwhelm me with negativity. i think "yeah, shit happens. i'll deal."

i've been waiting so long for this.
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    newsies - king of new york