September 18th, 2004

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i've been in a really sexy mood all week, which is strange, since i haven't been getting any for a while now. or, maybe that makes perfect sense. i'm hard up--in a bad way.

so, i guess i feel like a guy in the sense that sex pervades nearly every thought i have anymore. it's a lot like junior high when you couldn't even say pencil without someone snickering. but, it's not funny now. now, it's seductive. enticing. exciting. enchanting.

it's the thrill of the chase.

it's easy to get laid. but, it's more fun to play games.

not that i'm playing games with people. i'm not leading anyone on. all the boys i know know that i'm not going to have sex with any of them. but we talk and flirt and lay out our best game. and the tensions boils...

it reminds of my brief encounter with ben lock. man, did he talk himself up. and, boy! did i take the bait and run with it. and, as it turns out, this was the most exciting part of our adventure and "faster than ben" was born. i guess it just goes to show you that there's a point where the tension is overwhelming if you're actually planning on following through instead of just playing games. OPS!

lucky for me, i learned that lesson already. so, i'll just keep running game until i figure out just what i want and with whom.

no sense getting knocked up by someone who doesn't even want to be my boyfriend (or even by someone who does, actually). as much as i do want kids and a family (now), i know i'll be happier in the long run if i find them on purpose instead of on accident.

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why ask why?

so, a while back i posted about something i found highly amusing i found in someone's user info. pixylayne left this comment, but then deleted it.

Subject: Miss live and let live

why don't you ever try letting go and living a new life. I think you'd be a lot happier.

i'd say she deletes 70% of the comments she leaves me. you'd think one day she'd realize she might be better off if she actually thought about things before she spit them out. i certainly hope she learns that lesson before her little ones are old enough to remember the things she says to them or in front of them. believe it or not, kids have a hard time letting go of things like that coming from people they trust. or they just learn the same bad habits and the cycle of stupidity continues.

still, i guess it's a step in the right direction that she refrained from telling me i'd be better off if i just quit trying to live any life at all.


and, by the way, i'm hardly unhappy when i ponder the irony in fa1ry_g1rl claiming that she "gives" when "they're out for blood."
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