September 15th, 2004

ice princess

picture me schnuggling the entire interweb

oh god its so glorious.

worth every penny i don't have.

it only took about 16 seconds for me to get bored with the internet. then i remembered AIM and ICQ. but then i couldn't find those icons on my tool bar. and THEN i remembered trillian!!!!


vegeta_death stopped me on campus yesterday. we ended up talking for 20 minutes or so, but i'll admit i was completely stunned that 1) he had anything at all to say to me and b) those things were not "you need to fucking die you smelly ho bag" and "i wish someone had punched you in the cunt."

so, that was refreshing. and enlightening. and interesting.


i tried walking out of work today, but someone stopped me. there are some kids who are really good to me there and they do a lot to make me smile. too bad my boss isn't one of them. i'm trying my best not to start shit with him again, but it's so hard. he's such a piece of shit.

i can't wait 'til his boss gets back from vacation...


well, i'm exhausted.
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