September 11th, 2004


nothing much

big thanks to the cable guy for not showing up yesterday.


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xtylerx was supposed to come up today, but i don't think he is now. sounds like he had a pretty exhausting night.

so, maybe i'll actually do some homework today. or maybe i'll go that that birthday party like i said i would. maybe i'll call kradams. or maybe i'll just sit around and watch movies again all weekend.


here's another quote from my stats professor (dr. wylie):

(after discussing the number of different combinations of condiments on a wendy's hamburger...) they have eight toppings choices. i don't know what they are. you could probably ask that damned mr. wendy. i hate that guy. but not nearly as much as i hate that god damned dr. ? (i didn't recognize the name) and his ? (diet or weight loss medication i think). if i had it my way, we'd devote an entire lecture to discussing those assholes on tv and we could talk about that spiky-haired kid from the dell commercials. you know, i heard he got busted for pot. that's the smartest thing he ever did. not getting busted, of course...
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