September 10th, 2004


make new friends, but keep the old

i had a really excellent phone conversation with banjo a couple days ago (before her cell died anyway). it was kind of funny since i'd resolved never to call her again because she hadn't answered or returned my calls for the last month. but when i sat down to write her a letter, i realized i didn't have her new address. so, one last call was in order.

we talked about a lot of different things. i've completely missed so many important things in her life over the last couple of years. i think she's changed a lot, but so have i. and we still seem to be a lot alike (which makes me all the more woeful that we've lost touch).

anyway, what we talked the most about were relationships--platonic and otherwise. it was strange to hear her repeating my exact thoughts to me when she'd never heard them before. her relationships with boys play out identically to mine and she finds herself generally uninterested in investing in new friendships, but entirely too busy to maintain the old.

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so, i'm resolving to be a better friend. to communicate. to trust. to be trustworthy. to be honest and open. to support. to encourage. to be available. i was going to wait for the new year to make this resolution, but that seemed silly. god only knows what could happen between now and then and i'd hate to think i missed my last chance to tell someone i cared.

and, i'm going to write more letters and send more care packages! i'm not saying i'm going to do it everyday, but i would like to do it at least once a year for each of my friends.

i've already got things in the works for tyler, tanny, danny and caleb, but i'd like to have a composite list of addresses for everyone. so, leave a comment and i'll add you to my list. (also, all you kids with new school addresses need to get me up to date on those!)
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