September 3rd, 2004

ice princess

but you don't have to take my word for it (buh dunt dunt)

whenever i'm at home or in the midst of an adventure, i have a ton of great ideas for things i want to write here and share with my friends. but then i get to the lab, stare at the screen and find myself exhausted by the mere thought of the process. so, i apologize if my belabored ramblings are less than compelling to read. i promise i will be entertaining again someday--just not today.

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classes are going well. i'm loving japanese and i'm really loving that it comes so easily to me. i only wish my handwriting were better so that it wasn't such a chore to learn these new characters correctly. it's like i don't even have the skill set required for good penmanship anymore. no discipline whatsoever.

statistics is pretty boring and a little confusing, but i fucking love my gavin-esque professor (whom i wrote about here, but fucked up with a bad lj tag). i will attend every single one of his lectures this semester, because he just cracks me up. here's a quote from yesterday: box plots are not going to wow your audience, but they are kind of... well, i hate to say box plots are cool, because they're not really, but they are about as cool as this stuff ever gets. i mean it ain't like reading the kama sutra or anything, that's for sure."

my math lecture yesterday was just absurd. the entire class was completely boggled. they asked questions, she rambled. they asked the same questions, she rambled about something else. so it was just back and forth for an hour with neither side making headway. one boy, who asked the same question three times and never understood an answer, got extra credit points for solving the problem. this left him even more confused. on the lighter side, i had some great conversations with several people about our shared misunderstandings, so i'm feeling more comfortable in that group.

programming is creeping along. we started behind schedule and now everyday we fall a little more behind with each new lecture. what really stinks is that the prof seems to be glossing over a lot of things that the non-CS kids really ought to learn.

the lab instructor is terrible. he's indian and his accent is SO thick. (a strange coincidence: i actually gave him his ESL test to retake today.) i'm sure he's been programming and working in UNIX environments for years, so he tends to omit a lot of initial steps in teaching us new processes. for instance, he didn't show us how to get to the command line before he had us trying to run vi. and in vi he conveniently forgot to mention that you have to type ctrl-i to type text. luckily there's only six people in my lab (44 in the other), so it's pretty easy to get his attention.

i finally met someone cool this semester. lauren is in my stats and my programming classes. she also used to be in my math class too, but decided a math ed major wasn't worth the hassle of that one particular class (professor) and changed her major. i think she and i will be doing a lot of work together for programming and maybe even stats too, but i doubt that either of us really needs help with that class. it's nice to finally meet someone in my classes who seems to be on my level academically, but isn't a total fucking nerd.

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i almost bought a power book today
i don't even like macs
but it was a better deal than the dell

the things i do when i am bored
will never cease to amaze me
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