August 27th, 2004

ice princess

class: a novel by a.h. miller

so, another semester has begun and even after attending my first lectures, i am still excited about this term.

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i ran into jenny ping after my lecture was cancelled. i'll be glad to have my campus friends back this semester.

i plan to make better friends with some of my japanese classmates, but i'm going to feel them out for a few weeks before i get too involved. i'd like to have a conversation group to go out to lunch or something every now and then. i think that would help out quite a bit.


i guess i'm going to see tanny (san_yo) and danny at their new place in bloomington on saturday night. sadly, as much as i LOVE watching people get high, i don't think i'll stick around long.

katie strandmark is back in btown, so i'll be trying to get in touch with her sometime over the weekend. and perhaps i'll see little miss me0wkp too if she isn't too busy with welcome week or brasko.


the altima and i have been reunited. life is good. (she needs another bath, though!) so, the next three weekends would be primo for taking road trips with me if anyone has any great ideas. i still need to get to king's island...
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