August 19th, 2004

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people make it too easy

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i found something today. it was too easy, so obvious. people really don't have a clue.

i found out jo3 dropped the japanese class we had together. i guess that saves me the trouble of having to avoid talking to him. still, what a pussy. i guess we know i still wear the pants in that relationship (however dysfunctional it may be).


jazz kitchen
slater hogan invited me to eat free waffles and hear some house last night, but with all previous commitments (wallowing on the temurpedic, watching movies, not sleeping) i completely spaced the event. damn.

it's probably for the best, since the more i hear him spin, the more i think i don't like him as a dj. and, since i already find him incredibly creepy, it's probably for the best that i never see him socially. lol.

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