August 17th, 2004


america's rockin' roller coast

cedar point was even more fabulous than i had expected. i'd really like to make an annual event of the trip and stay at the park for a day or two each summer.

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overall, i give cedar point a super-double-fan-fucking-tastic-glitter-A+. The park is bigger, cleaner, more well-planned, better staffed and prettier than any other park i've ever been too. to top it off, i don't think we waited more than 90 minutes in any line, except top thrill dragster (because it broke down). and even though we didn't get to use them, i appreciate the idea of the freeway passes (get your hand stamped, then come back and cut in line at a later reserved time). also, they had those bitchin' Xcellerator hand dryers.

some things to consider if you plan to attend cedar point:
*bring cash
*bring food and/or eat before you come if you don't eat meat
*bring a photo ID with your birth date on it for the go karts
*do not bring a purse/bag (you aren't even allowed to take it in line)
*eat/pee/etc. with the rest of your group--save time, eliminate complaints
*walk fast (you can rest in line!)

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