July 14th, 2004


life, in short

(jesus is my homeboy)
jesus was spotted walking down allisonville road on indy's northside today.

(kill kill kill the white man)
the indy star explained yesterday that the indiana black expo is not just for black people. i appreciated the article, as i have wondered about that very issue since i first moved up here.

(working hard or hardly working)
i start at the testing center next wednesday. whoopdeefuckingdoo!

(bye bye bicycle)
i forgot how fun riding bikes could be. i also forgot how un-fun flat tires on bikes could be.

(four out of five historians agree)
i had to grade myself for my participation in the discussion of descartes in my western civ class. i admitted to finishing 85% of the book and gave myself a one out of ten for both days of the discussion. i had to explain why i participated to the extent that i did, so i wrote "i didn't pay $400 to be mocked or envied by 50 students for my interpretations of the text. it's not my job to teach them what to think, it's yours."

i will be surprised if i pass this class.

decartes' contribution to modern society professor glover: if you can read and understand descartes, you can understand the matrix.

well hot damn!

love / hate

i love that i have friends who do things (without being asked) so i don't have to feel guilty about them.

i hate that fucking jerk-off douchbags steal my ideas.

(holga is not for you)