May 27th, 2004


more crazy dreams on swellivision

so a few days ago, i had a dream i was in italy. and jason mraz was there trying to buy pot. and everyone was following him around. we ended up in some bar that was seemed more like a huge catholic cathedral than a pub. these guys were following me around or harassing me or something so i borrowed on of their cell phones to call the police. but i don't speak italian. so i spoke german. sort of. (i don't really speak much german either.)

also, i dreamed that i went canoeing with my family. we only went a few feet downstream and then just hung out on these rocks all day. apparently, there was a huge pirate ship/water park further downstream and that's where everyone else was hanging out. this killer whale beached itself on the rocks near me and kept telling me how shallow it was there. i tried to walk out a little ways but the water was SO deep and i fell in and cut up my legs a bunch. apparently, i was fretting about a calculus exam but some girl talked me into going to my prof's office to take it. it was just around the corner from the beached whale. (did i mention that this 'river' was really all on some sound stage or something, with lights hanging from rafters in the ceiling?) while i was in my prof's office, i got a terrible nose bleed that just wouldn't quit.

last night i dreamt (ha! dreamt, dreamed... i'm so inconsistent!) anyway, i dreamt that i woke up and i was puking up cicadas nonstop. it was a lot like that guy in the green mile. i was puking so much i went blind. i was wandering around the apartment trying to get help, but joe just kept asking me if he had any mail. there were swarms and swarms of these bugs absolutely everywhere and he just kept asking, "have you checked the mail today? i'm expecting a letter."

i love having such neat dreams.
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no sleep... damn it

i can't sleep. i'm bored. i keep eating. snacking really, but still eating. i hate that i do that. but i thank god for my metabolism.

my mom bought me clothes for my birthday. even after i specifically told her what sizes i wear, she bought everything at least a size too big. i doubt i'll ever get around to exchanging anything.

as i expected, it was terribly easy to trick my mom into saying i could take her car to connecticut. of course she doesn't want me driving my POS out there! (she didn't want me driving it to kansas when it was about 1000 times more reliable than it is now.) and, what's more, she couldn't bear the thought of some kid she doesn't even know having to hitch hike home. (nobody tell her he's not coming home after all.) so, i've still got to work out the details, but i'm pretty sure everything will work out swimmingly in that department. ahhh... air conditioning, cruise control and a cd player--how awesome!

and i'm totally looking forward to going to NYC.

you know what i miss? getting my sports reports from chuwie. i'd really like to hear about the playoffs from him right about now.

i apparently got a 95% on my calc exam. i don't even know how this is possible since i was pretty sure i missed 7 points on just one problem and that was not the only mistake i made. hmm... but whatever! i rule! end of story.

homework is taking much longer to do these days. i have such a hard time getting problems started. i just don't see where to go at all. but once i get a suggestion from someone, it's cake. i wish i could see these things on my own.

i'll be in madison from saturday through sunday, so if you need me, you know the digits. hide and seek on saturday night. booze and race on sunday perhaps. graduation thingy for me0wkp on monday.

so if i don't get to watch the race on sunday (or monday if it rains) i will have to watch the video when i get home. please please PLEASE do not tell me who wins. or i will cry.

i was actually considering going to the race this year, but i hear it will probably rain on sunday and i don't want to miss me0wkp's party. i am definitely going next year though. and i'm going to party it up infield-style.
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clothes horse

so, does anyone else remember the shit i used to wear in high school (frehman & sophomore years)?

i mean, what the fuck was i thinking?
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