May 21st, 2004


who says date rape is a crime?

you'd think, as antisocial as i am, that i could go weeks, months or even years without ever being asked out. but, according to recent statistics, i get propositioned at least once every three days.

what a fucking pain this is!

i'm going to start wearing my wedding band again. (banjo gave it to me.) i doubt it will stop many silly boys from opening their fat fucking mouths, but then i will be able to act completely offended and not seem abnormal.

i don't know why it seems easier to lie about my situation than to tell the truth. i'm too nice to people. i'd really like to tell all these guys to just fuck right off. but even though in my head i know i have every right to, i can't stand hurting, offending or embarrassing people face to face.

and i just realized that i'd much rather be the one making the first move than be the one being pursued. i'd say that used to stem from self-esteem issues and now it's just a habit, but who knows. what i do know is that i don't like be hassled, bothered, pestered, hounded or stalked.

did you know i've never been dumped? i figured that out a few weeks ago. that seems so bizarre to me. of course, i run for cover when things start to look bad, so it's not surprising to me that i would burn my bridges too.

i leave you with this, from a boy a went to breakfast with just one time. [i'm more powerful than i can even comprehend.]


after all this time i've still got you on my mind, don't know what to think just want to see you one more time. Wish i could just move on but ever time i try toughts of you is all i find..... Amanda i just want you to know i still think about you after this all this time

don't know what you did to me but some how you have changed me, you melted my heart and made me feel and for that i should say thanks.... and honestly i would love to see you at least just one last time.... Well if you want call me
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blender’s 50 worst songs of all time

post this list of blender’s 50 worst songs of all time in your journal and bold the songs you like.

(there are plenty of songs that i didn't bold that i would not be opposed to listening to if they came the radio, by the way.)

1. We Built This City ... Starship
2. Achy Breaky Heart ... Billy Ray Cyrus
3. Everybody Have Fun Tonight ... Wang Chung
4. Rollin' ... Limp Bizkit
5. Ice Ice Baby ... Vanilla Ice
6. The Heart of Rock & Roll ... Huey Lewis and the News
7. Don't Worry, Be Happy ... Bobby McFerrin
8. Party All the Time ... Eddie Murphy
9. American Life ... Madonna
10. Ebony and Ivory ... Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder
11. Invisible ... Clay Aiken
12. Kokomo ... The Beach Boys
13. Illegal Alien ... Genesis
14. From a Distance ... Bette Midler
15. I'll Be There for You ... The Rembrandts
16. What's Up? ... 4 Non Blondes
17. Pumps and a Bump ... Hammer
18. You're the Inspiration ... Chicago
19. Broken Wings ... Mr. Mister
20. Dancing on the Ceiling ... Lionel Richie
21. Two Princes ... Spin Doctors
22. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) ... Toby Keith
23. Sunglasses at Night ... Corey Hart
24. Superman ... Five for Fighting
25. I'll Be Missing You ... Puff Daddy featuring Faith Evans and 112
26. The End ... The Doors
27. The Final Countdown ... Europe
28. Your Body Is a Wonderland ... John Mayer
29. Breakfast at Tiffany's ... Deep Blue Something
30. Greatest Love of All ... Whitney Houston
31. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm ... Crash Test Dummies
32. Will 2K ... Will Smith
33. Barbie Girl ... Aqua
34. Longer ... Dan Fogelberg
35. Shiny Happy People ... R.E.M.
36. Make Em Say Uhh! ... Master P featuring Silkk, Fiend, Mia-X and Mystikal
37. Rico Suave ... Gerardo
38. Cotton Eyed Joe ... Rednex
39. She Bangs ... Ricky Martin
40. I Wanna Sex You Up ... Color Me Badd
41. We Didn't Start the Fire ... Billy Joel
42. The Sounds of Silence ... Simon & Garfunkel
43. Follow Me ... Uncle Kracker
44. I'll Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) ... Meat Loaf
45. Mesmerize ... Ja Rule featuring Ashanti
46. Hangin' Tough ... New Kids on the Block
47. The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You ... Bryan Adams
48. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da ... The Beatles
49. I'm Too Sexy ... Right Said Fred
50. My Heart Will Go On ... Celine Dion

so when i first heard about this list, i refused to even look at the entire list because huey lewis was ranked so high. but i randomly came across it in someone else's journal and now i am outraged!

sure, there are plenty of silly little song that i probably only enjoy because they are so bad, but billy joel's we didn't start the fire is not one of those songs! and billy joel is not one of the one hit wonders like most artists on the lists.

that is the first song that i ever got excited about. that was the first time i ever felt moved from a song. i can still remember the first time i heard it at the skating rink in michigan.

and i'm sure it wasn't the lyrics that got me so pumped. i was too young to know what most of that stuff was. it's the actual music that makes me feel something.

very similar to the feeling i get from corey hart's sunglasses at night.

i don't need deep, meaningful lyrics. sure, they can be great, but only in combination with powerful music. and far too many bands are lacking in that department.

i mean, if you're going to put good lyrics down over terrible music, maybe you should just be writing poetry. i suppose that life is slightly less glamourous than being a rock star, though.

all that said, i'm a sucker for pop music, which is generally at least 98% bad lyrics and 98% bad music with some really excellent hooks in the mix.
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