May 19th, 2004


must sleep NOW

work was terrible. i'm about to go off on some people. fucking idiots. some twat came buy to give me my training certificate today. i was totally getting slammed and also boxed in by some (surprise!) big ass boxes. she was all wanting to talk to me and congratulate me. blah! yeah thanks, gotta go!

there are a couple people who work near me who help me out sometimes. i think i'm going to make them some cookies on friday. maybe i will even ice them in green and purple for fedex. or maybe not.

if i rocked calculus' world yesterday, then today i'm pretty sure i just all out destroyed it. 20 problems. 90 minutes. had questions about 4 of them, but went back and got 2 of them on my own. BAM! i'll prolly take a look at the other two before class.

now, i would like to take a moment to thank math counts for providing me with such a strong foundation for all this crap. i definitely didn't understand much of it then, but now it all makes sense. go, mathletes!

D sub x, dx/dy
D sub x, dx
secant, tangent, cosine, sine
pi, theta, radical 3
fight 'em! fight 'em!

(team "high school math teacher" all the way, baby!)
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