May 17th, 2004


the rhyme of the young midwesterner

because i always think with reason.
and never with rhyme or rhythm.

if you can't get the meter, i suggest giving depeche mode's "dream on" a listen.

originally, this was just one long thought. but i broke it up by measure (4 x 4) so the rhythm would be easier to see. (hear?)

there are some really bad parts. i know it. but i think there are a few winning lines here as well. (i especially like the line about the record grooves and i NEVER would have thought of that if i weren't trying to rhyme.) so, all in all, it was an interesting exercise to do and could prove somewhat useful if i were ever writing for a non-informative purpose.

also, fuck trying to rhyme with wound!

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minor annoyances

if people could just get the fuck over me, that would be awesome. totally awesome.

and, actually, they don't need to get over me. they need to get over themselves. they need to understand what love is.

if you love someone, you want them to be happy--no matter what that means. if they're not happy with you, then you let them go. you rejoice in the fact that you're not holding them back or hurting them. you deal with your pain and you don't guilt them into anything.

nick ****: "let me tell you just one thing before i go... i still taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes.... but we were not meant to be together and thats just how it goes.... i tried to find a way in but every door was closed.... so now my love for you is nothing but a dead rose"

drop it, nick. nothing ever happened and it happened six months ago.

if you can't comply with one simple request (don't EVER talk to me again about what could have been), then i suggest you get some help with these fucking issues.

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the rhyme of the young midwesterner vol. 2

well, i can't sleep. and i managed to get this song stuck in my head, so i thought i'd give it another go.

this time i lined it up with the actual verses, choruses, etc of the song.

i also stole a few lines from the original. sue me. i had a good replacement for the "can you feel a little love" part, but managed to forget it before i got to that part of the song.

and i don't want to sound queer or anything, but depeche mode kicks ass!

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    depeche mode - dream on


i'm making myself a mixed cd set for my birthday.
i will dance.
i will have a good time.

maybe someboday could dj up the tracks for me when i get it all sorted out?!


dj dan - disco babes from outer space
felix da housecat - silver screen (shower scene)
underworld - cowgirl
bt - blue skies
kylie minogue - can't get you out of my head
benny benassi - satisfaction
dannii minogue - i begin to wonder
groove armada - superstylin'
fatboy slim - push the tempo
paul johnson - get down
green velvet - la la land
bad boy bill - pumpin
bt - never gonna come back down
darude - sandstorm
eiffel 65 - move your body
iio - rapture


pink - get the party started
112 - peaches n cream
monifa - touch it
beyonce - baby boy
sean paul - get busy
christina aguilera - dirrty
toya - i do
christina milian - AM to PM
destiny's child - bootyliscious
foxy brown (feat. kelis) - candy
james brown - sex machine
2 live crew - hoochie mama
vanity 6 - nasty girl
prince - pussy control
tone loc - wild thing
digital underground - humpty dance
ginuwine - my pony
frankie goes to hollywood - relax

hahahaha oh man i still have that icy hot stuntaz mp3! (get crunk with the icy hot click WHAT)

more later. must sleep.

i should be doing calculus

i really like plays on words.

i'm totally sick of being sick.

i want to name my piano. i'm considering talula. ha. or maybe sharice or shaniqua!

my first calc exam is in one week. *eep*

i totally understand calculus. i'm just not very good at applying it. also, i'm terribly sloppy and absent-minded. i wish this was a theory class.

techno and calculus do not mix.

i may need a new catalytic converter for the neo geo, but hopefully it just needs reconnecting. if it's going to cost me more than $20, then it's going to cost more than my car is worth. so, i will probably just ghetto rig it. and by 'i' i mean some sorry sucker will do it for me. like my dad. or my brother. the fools!

in the meantime, i may die from the fumes in my car. remind me to avoid traffic jams and keep my windows down.

i think i finished up my dance mix (bump & grind). i'm very excited about it. stewbot is even going to mix it up for me. *yay*

my parents are looking at some more houses this week. dadio says they'll probably have a new place by july. cool. cool.

ummm... i guess that's it! back to the books. =(
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