May 11th, 2004


baby boom

i went to a baby shower for two of my former coworkers yesterday. it was silly and stupid and sickeningly cute, but i enjoyed myself for the most part.

i made it through 75% of the party before my biological clock jumped the gun again. it didn't help that i was the only one in attendance who hadn't had a baby yet. "so when are we going to throw you a shower? how long before you start wanting them?"

i want them now. god damn. NOW!

but at the same time i'd like to finish getting my shit together before i jump into all of that. it's pretty good motivation, that's for sure.
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and then there was calculus

so i've been sleeping and studying all day. taking notes and making flash cards. i'm surprised how much of this crap i remember.

i'm exhausted though...

i think maybe i'm done for the night. i'm tempted to just hit the hay right now, but i feel like i really haven't even done anything with my day yet.

of course, what would i do at this hour?

(what would i do at any hour?)

anyway, tomorrow is the first day of class. i'm excited. i'm praying that i don't have vlad again as my prof, but i will survive if i do. and i think having class four days a week instead of two is going to help me out a great deal (if i bother going (and i hope that i do)).

ugh. after reading what i've written here, it's obvious to me that i need some more sleep. so it's off to bed i go.
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