May 6th, 2004

point & click interface

so, apparently...

when you get violently ill at work
and then feel better by the time you drive home
it's a fake
you will feel even worse later


when you bring your old cell phone number
to your new cell phone
(which you ordered online)
there will be a period where you cannot use either phone
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futurama - the sting

i keep having dreams that nick auxier is dead, but no one believes me.

but then (in my dreams) i dream he is alive and we're walking around in springdale cemetery and he keeps telling me everything will be fine when i wake up.

but then i wake up (in my dream) and he's still nowhere to be found and no one seems to care.

then i wake up for real and i can't figure out what's going on at all.

and i'm sure he's not dead, but i'd really feel a lot better about this whole situation if i could just call him. of course, i can't, thanks to my cell phone situation.
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