May 3rd, 2004

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YCC (your concept car)

while i was at first impressed that volvo had designed a car based on women-specific needs, i am now offended by the car.

only a mechanic can open the hood. what a stupid fucking feature to implement! sure, it's cool that the car sends a signal to your mechanic when it needs maintenance, but what good does that do you if you're in the middle of the fucking desert with a broken belt?!

"the designers didn't envision doing much engine work themselves," so they made it impossible for anyone to perform any maintenance on the car whatsoever. that sounds like a design for ripping women off.

fuck that.

also, while gull wing doors look cool, i doubt they would be very practical in a crowded parking lot. it ought to have those lamborgini(?) doors that come out a little and then pivot up instead.
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point & click interface


apparently, my cell phone contract expires in 10 days. oops. it's too late to take my number with me if i do switch. awesome.

anyway, i'd been thinking about switching to verizon for their in-network calling deal, but i don't think i know that many people who use thier service.

i could stay with cingular, but then i definitely need to get a new phone so that maybe, just maybe, i can get some fucking reception inside of my apartment. i tried looking at their calling plans online today, but i can't even find the plan i have now, so i guess i need to go to an actual store. that makes me angry and only increases my desire to switch.

i also looked at at&t and t-mobile, but both of those services seem too expensive for me. i'm looking to spend $40/month or less.

so, for those of you with cell phones:

what service do you use?
how do you like it? (will you keep it when your contract is up?)
how much is your plan and what features does it carry?

thanks for your help, kids.
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