May 2nd, 2004


drunken voicemail

"hey amanda this is nick's friend season. oh, i didn't mean to say nick out loud... ignore that. sorry, i'm drunk, but nick's really nice and he likes the throbbing pussy so you should just let him fucking be up in it HARD. let him put it in your mouth. who cares what he does? you should just let him put it any hole he wants. bye"

people are hilarious.

note to self: make more drunken phone calls in the future.
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    futurama - my three suns

always hanging around the moon in case you call

two stars, with light years of time and distance between them, dangle beneath the reflecting moon in the dark, night sky.

in the constellation of my life, we are those stars. you, bright and shining, hanging high above me. me, small and dim, bathed in blue and washed out by your light. all the time and distance that exist can't change the fact that, in that sky, we are always side by side. there are no walls in space. just space. and time. you. and me.

it took a lot of space and time for me to get my mind right. but here we are again, side by side and closer than ever. i never would have thought that either one of us would be in this place, not after what happened between us all those years ago. but here we are.

love has the power to heal all wounds, even those of unknown depth.

we have both learned from the past and moved on. apologies have been made and accepted. let's leave it at that. now is a time of renewal and growth.

wherever you go from here, i'll be hanging around the moon, in case you call.
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    portishead - wandering star