April 20th, 2004



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i want to be the person he thought i was. i know i can be.

i want everyone to know i miss them and i love them. i want to hug everyone who needs it.
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i'm just so tired of everything. so tired of things being the way they are.

i took a good nap and had some good dreams, but i feel like i need so much more rest.

no sleep can heal this.

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discobabes from outerspace

i just love this remix.

it's one of those songs i can (and do) listen to again and again. it always makes me smile.

it would be amazing to have the original.
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    dj dan - disco babes from outer space
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not so random thoughts

if i moved to bloomington...

where would i live?
with whom would i live?
where would i work?

how much are those bicycle apartments, killbot?

what are the femmes doing next year?

i dunno. i wanna go, because i can't afford to stay here. but i love it here. and i want to stay. maybe i'll make it six months instead of twelve.

decisions, decisions...
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    ocean's 11