April 14th, 2004


so maybe i'm old fashioned,

but shouldn't a guy at least get to know you a little before he asks for you number?

this guy at work asked me for my number while i was clocking in (late) today. as soon as he said "uhh.. hey..." i could see where the conversation was going. blargh. so he asked away and i just said no. (ha! just say no.) i didn't even bother giving him a reason why. i didn't think he really deserved one. i think the fact that he asked me for my number before my name was reason enough. also, he's 30 and has hair longer than i do (which he wears in a braid). so, whatever.

ahhh, fuck. i just got some real bad news.

i'm over this.
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    so, so sad.


goodbye, mr. jones.

thanks for everything.

i wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.

sorry i wasn't a better friend, student, whatever.

i'll never forget...
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