April 11th, 2004


don't touch my stuff

let me just preface this entry with the following:

i know that i am extremely sensitive and i know that i read a great deal of meaning into things that other people do not. this is far from the ideal person that i would like to be, but it is still who i am.

so, i thought it was annoying when people like jo3 and xheartfallx were using my magnetic poetry before i ever had a chance to. i mean, here were these two gifts from my parents that i'd taken all the time to set up, but hadn't had a chance to use. and jo3, who wasn't even speaking to me at the time, was using them, not just to make poetry, but to make statements to and about me. grrr!

eventually, i did have a chance to write a few lines after some pretty traumatic events in my life. obviously, these weren't award winning poems, but they meant something to me. but, apparently they meant nothing to jo3's friends friday night, as they picked them apart to write sentences about mooning people because tequila tastes sweet.

now, i know you're all thinking, "but, amanda, it's just magnetic poetry." and you're right. but it's also my poetry, written with my magnets, on my refrigerator, in my apartment. and they had no right to mess about with it without my permission.

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magnetic poetry volume one

is there ever a place they can't get to?
because i just want to die happy
and they love to beat me down


all my life i've dreamed of your smile
the symphony of our hearts
but this beautiful music does not sing tonight
it screams through the black shadows
like a knife in the wind


in my dreams i was your goddess
but in my life i'm the only one you leave behind
like a sad little girl
bare feet swimming in the blue water
beautiful moon waxing above