April 9th, 2004


dream a little dream

i had planned on just crashing at my parents' place last night after ER, but of course, i couldn't sleep there. and i accidentally got caught up watching contact so i wasted several hours there.

eventually i made it back to my apartment and just enough time for a nap before i had to leave for work. of course, the fucking cat wouldn't shut up so it was nearly impossible to fall asleep. i looked at the clock when she finally left the room and it was 2:26. at 2:45 stewbot telephoned with my wake up call.

somewhere in that time frame i managed to fall asleep just long enough to have one of those falling dreams where you scare yourself into waking up. it was a strange feeling. just looking at the time, i couldn't have been asleep for more than 20 minutes. and, knowing my tendency twoard insomnia when sleeping against a deadline, i really couldn't have slept more than 5 minutes. it honestly just felt like a single second of sleep.

surprisingly (after being very grumpy on the telephone) i made it to work just fine and probably had my best day yet there.

(remind me to tell you about my new job sometime.)

i'm going to go shower and then make an omelette. (remind me to tell you about all the tasty food i've been eating lately.)
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my first week @ fedex

so fedex is going well. training was annoying and completely uninformative, but at least i got paid for it.

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so the fedex facility is much smaller, slower and cleaner that the ups hub. all of these things make me very happy. even on my first night, i pretty much had a zero-stress environment.

there aren't many other girls (i wonder when i'm going to start saying women instead of girls...) that work there. there was one in my training class but she only showed up for the first day. i've seen one other girl there and i think she is a supervisor.

apparently, fedex likes to give girls cake jobs and this also makes me very happy. i get to load a drop frame trailer as opposed to the delivery vans and i only have 5 stops, so it's easy to keep organized. on my second day, two different people told me i was already doing a better job than the last girl.

so the only actually difficult part of my job is entering in the purchase order numbers for one of my stops. these are ten-digit numbers that are never in the same place as the sticker i have to scan. oh what a pain! these packages constitute half or at least a third of my total volume. i think today i had 240 of them. that means i had to scan the stickers 240 times, scan the destination 240 times, enter in 240 ten-digit PO numbers and then also delivery scan 240 packages with the hand-held scanner. that's a lot of bullshit!

yeah, so anyway, the guys on my belt are all pretty cool and they help me out even when i don't need it. my supervisor rules and he totally takes care of me. (what a pleasant change that is from ups!) and everything is pretty much fantastic.

i haven't quite adjusted my sleep schedule yet, but i'm really not feeling as worn out as i did when i was unloading at ups. i sleep about three hours after i get home, three hours before i go in and sometimes take a nap in the afternoon. it doesn't seem like it would work out very well, but i think it will. besides, that's exactly the schedule i'll have to have in the second summer session and the fall.

ahh, anyway.... it feels good to have a job i enjoy again. and it feels good to just have a job again. self-sufficiency rules!
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