April 8th, 2004


"well i just think it would be better if she could not read what you write"

maybe it's just me, but, when i read amber's first comment, it made me think that she didn't want other people to know her brother is getting his GED. she seems embarassed and that's so sad.

if my sister said that to me, that's how i would feel anyway. luckily, boys don't think that way at all.

i used to be slightly amused at the amount of control i have over her life, but, now that i see how it's affecting other people in her life, i just find it all very, very sad.

my case study in human behavior is becoming quite depressing.

there is no hope for change.
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i was going to join an ER community today
(why had i never thought of this before?)
but after reading only a few entries in some of them
i was reminded that


and everyone in these communities seems to love it

so, no dice.
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