April 7th, 2004

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"only dildo's do that"

she is once again being the "bigger person"
she must mean bigger bitch

and for the record, i never said i don't block people's comments
(especially when they spam me)
i think everyone is entitled to their own opinions of whatever
i won't try to argue with anyone about what they should or shouldn't say in their journal

but i don't need to wake every morning with a hundred fucking emails telling me amber's little brother thinks i'm a whore, jame thinks i'm stalking her and amber thinks i'm immature.

to be unlocked next week sometime... would hate to cause more drama
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appparently, the more you hate someone, the more of their lj interests you need to steal for your own.

and she thinks i'm stalking her. interesting...

it's amazing to me how much power they allow me to have over their lives by hating me.

i admit, i let that ignorance and stubborness affect my life too. if i didn't i wouldn't feel like i have to defend myself repeatedly in my journal.

but i certainly feel like i don't have to hide from them or go out of my way to annoy them (and my other friends in the process). i even try to alleviate pressure by privitizing some of what i write (not because i don't want them to see it, but because i don't want to have to deal with their misunderstandings and reactions). but i can't help the fact that they serach my archives daily to see what things i've unlocked.

if they want to be that obsessed, then i guess they deserve to be made to look foolish.
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point & click interface

fuck yo' hard drive, bitch!

so i bought that 120G hd like... i dunno... four months ago. i mounted it a few weeks ago and today i was finally going to format it and install my new controller card.

like an idiot, i tried to use the card before i installed it. and, momentarilly, i put the capacity limiting jumpers on.

eventrually, i got everything sorted out and hooked up in the right order, but the shit is busted when i try to boot. so i unhooked on drive (leaving me with my boot drive, my new drive and a cd-rom) and tried again.


so then i tried it with just the boot drive and the cd-rom hoping that i could at least install the drivers for the card.

no way. it hangs during the boot every fucking time.

so i just unplugged all that shit and went back to my two hard drives. everything is fine now, but i've got a hundred dollars worth of storage space going to waste in my sad, little machine.

why couldn't those douchebags just give me a floppy disk? they didn't even give me mounting brackets for the new drive. they sell those in an entirely different kit now. jerks!

anyway, if anyone would like to give this installation another go with me sometime, i would be completely in your debt. i don't know what it is about me and hard drives that just doesn't mix. you'd think that since i only ever mess with this one kind of device i'd have the hang of it by now, but i don't.

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