April 6th, 2004


go, go, gadget groceries!

i'm getting ready to go to the grocery store in a minute so i've been trying to make a list of what to get. since it's been somewhere in between two and three months since i've actually gotten groceries for my place, the list is getting pretty long. i would really like to eat some food that doesn't fall into the category of pasta, rice or soup for a change. and maybe some meat that doesn't come from a fast food restaurant would be nice too.

my penchant for chicken and steak is overpowered by my reluctance to cook meat unsupervised, though. so it's taco salad and sloppy joes again.

i have a feeling i will be eating these same few meals for the rest of my life.

i tried looking up easy vegetarian recipes for some new ideas, but most of them had too much shit in them. just because i don't want to eat meat in my meal doesn't mean i want to eat squash, zucchini and pine nuts in its stead.

i really hope my sister is still making me a recipe book for giftmas. i need all the help i can get.

hey, you know what else sucks? i really love those little yogurt cups that DON'T have stupid fruit pieces in them, but i can only ever find them in the strawberry/blueberry or strawberry/cherry combination packs. i hate blueberries. i hate cherries. i guess if i really want yogurt, i'm going to have to spring for the jumbo size. meh.

i'm really tired. all i can think about is food. but i'm too hungry to go to the store now. and i'm too tired to even cook ramen. i wish i could go back to sleep.
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poker face

it's a delicate position
when a friend betrays your trust

you must play your cards carefully
in order to conceal your power

make the wrong play
and you may lose a dear friend
and not the problem at hand

you think you know,
but you have no idea.

she still tells me everything
and laughs that you can't see what she is doing

it must be hard having no one to count on