April 1st, 2004



does it really make that much of a difference if i register at 9 am instead of noon? is there actually a need to attach a specific time (which isn't the start of the business day) to my registration appointment?

anyway, i'm glad i've got the next three semesters planned out. i'm not so glad i'm taking spanish instead of japanese, but it will probably be more beneficial in the long run.

i can finally start taking a few education classes and later this year i will actually apply to the teaching school. this whole college career of mine is just now starting to feel like it's going to relate to the rest of my life.

my junior and senior years sure are going to be a mess. i don't recommend taking all your electives in the first two years to anyone pursuing a degree in the purdue school of science.

my junior year will probably look something like this:
math (5)
math (3)
statistics (3) {math}
logic (3) {math}
with some education classes thrown in between. whee!
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about face.

i know you're all sick of reading their shit, but it's just too funny for me.


march 31, 2004 10:18 pm
This is why I know I will not ever let bad role models into the lives of my babies. Especially negative people.

april 1, 2004 11:57 am
I just wanted to call her a stupid little troll and punch her in the face.


so it looks to me that if jess wants to keep those negative people out of her babies lives, she'll abandon them as soon as humanly possible.
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point & click interface

don't read if if you don't want to, you already know what it is

talk about negativity:

jessica bladen: leave me out of your fucking live journal.
jessica bladen: go kill yourself . seriously..

you can't tell me it's not HILARIOUS that this girl wants to be a positive role model for her children but still sends me messages like this every day.

you can't tell me it's not hypocritical for amber to call me immature (for making a phone call and then apologizing profusely) and then tell me she's going to come over to fuck me in the ass and then beat me up.

i don't go around harassing, threatening or insulting people. i just call them like i see them. you put your shit up on the internet for the world to see, and guess what? they're going to see it. you write about me and i'll write about that.

it's not a complicated concept.

i'm not asking anyone to stop writing about me. i hope they keep it up. whether they think so or not, i think it makes them look ridiculous. and if they feel the same way about my journal, that's fine with me. we're all entitled to our own opinions and i'm not offended by their's.
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