March 31st, 2004

ice princess

because i barely function before noon

i'm investing heavily in the livejournal archives today.

if you wake up with 20 emails because i left comments all over your old entries, you should feel special.

i've spent so much of the last few months focussed on my own life. it feels good to be immersed in the lives of my friends for a change.
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i don't know why

but i REALLY miss my lip ring right now.

there's no way i'm having it re-pierced again.

i sure did love it though. my faveorite piercing by far.
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point & click interface

thinking about phone posting

but i can't seem to come up with any fabulous ideas.

fidelity_astro did this which was pretty original.

so far, my best idea is stealing his. maybe not a drunken post, but just polling you kids for questions and then answering them honestly.

maybe someday i'll post when i'm actually out doing something exciting, but until then this is the best i can think of.

any thoughts/ideas?
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